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It’s a Debate: Should Law Firms Hire a Pricing Professional?

This is a live blog post of the Legal Marketing Association (LMA) webinar, It’s a Debate: Should Law Firms Hire a Pricing Professional? [Please forgive any typos or inaccuracies. I hit publish as a session ends. Any editorial comments in square brackets preceded by my initials,

Allen & Overy Legal Tech Initiative – R&D at Last but a Question

I have long suggested that law firms invest in research and development to deliver more value to clients. Now one has. The Lawyer (UK, April 7) writes in Allen & Overy invests seed corn funding into “experimental” technology group i2 that the firm is funding and “

Designing the Law Firm of the Future

Good design sells. Design Gains Importance as Devices Get More Personal (NYT, 19 March 2015) focused on tech wearables. Principles for wearables, however, apply everywhere. Success requires ensuring such easy use that consumers become loyal users: “In the case of apps and servic

Big Law, Fast Food, and Lawyer Exceptionalism

Reading McDonald’s Seeks Its Fast-Food Soul in the New York Times this weekend got me thinking about Big Law and the legal market. What could fast food possibly have to do with Big Law? Maybe nothing. But many markets try to learn from other industries. And perhaps lawyers can learn f

Legal Market Revival (?) and Trends – Live from the Legal Tech Blogger Breakfast

This is a live blog post from the Legal Tech NY 2015 bloggers breakfast. [Apologies for lack of links – I did not have names before the session. As with all live posts, please forgive typos and errors.] Molly Miller of ALM is the moderator and poses the questions in bold. Is the

Disruption is Dead but Change Lives – What Big Law Needs to Do to Succeed

I will start the new year with thoughts about the future. I see continued evolution of the Big Law market. That evolution is nicely captured in the  Citi Private Bank – Hildebrandt Consulting LLC 2015 Client Advisory (PDF), which I summarize and comment on here. I especially lik

Business of Law Innovation – FT North America Awards

The Financial Times recently released its 2014 North America Innovative Lawyers. Five firms won the top business of law award (“Stand Out”): Seyfarth Shaw: “Developed SeyfarthLink, an online tool that enables better client-firm collaboration by improving flows of inf

Legal Market and Large Law Firm Trends from TRI COO – CFO Conference

This is a live blog post from the Law Firm COO & CFO Forum by Thomson Reuters. The opening session is The Market Setting – Trends Driving New Approaches to Legal Practice, which covers large law firm trends and the legal market.. The presenters are James Jones, Senior Fellow

Innovating New Products and Services in Legal Market

What will clients of the future want from their lawyers? The College of Law Practice Management Futures Conference addresses this with three 8-minute TED-style talks. This is a live blog post (please forgive typos or errors). Ron Dolin, Legal Technologist, Fellow, Law Instructor, Sanf

Legal Innovation on Continental Europe – Xenion Legal

Innovation in the continental European legal market has long seemed to lag relative to the UK, US, and Australia. I have puzzled if my perception was wrong or reflects an actual lag. A recent conversation with a European innovator suggests it is the latter. And I am glad to see this c