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"Bet the Farm" Versus "Law Factory": Which One Works?

Toby Brown of 3 Geeks and a Law Blog and I consider in this joint post the impact of “Law Factories” on the future of large law firms.  Introduction – by Toby Brown and Ron Friedmann Law firms face an uncertain future: competitive markets, intense price pressure

Steps toward Law Factory: A&O Belfast Center; Cisco Privacy Website

With Legal Tech New York ending today and the monster storm, don’t miss two interesting, and seemingly unrelated news items from today slip by. One is that Allen & Overy is opening a low cost, onshore service center. The other is that Cisco has launched a privacy and securit

Does Herbert Smith’s Belfast Doc Review Center Portend More Law Factories?

Recently I have been exploring “Law Factory” – the concept that the legal market will offer low cost, industrialized processes for routine work that are separate from “bet the farm” operations for high-stakes matters. An open question is whether the two can co-

Colt Technologies: Unbundling Legal Services and the Law Factory

The Lawyer published a great article on Monday, Colt resolver… Robin Saphra, group GC at Colt Technology Services, uses a combination of legal models to boost service levels. It explains how Saphra has unbundled the legal services Colt buys.  Colt took a “hard look at

Can Law Factory and Bet the Farm Co-Exist Under One Roof?

Can a “law factory” and “bet the farm” approach to law practice co-exist under one roof? As law firms adapt to falling demand and price pressure, that question is increasingly important. A recent survey provides some data that co-existence may be hard.   F

Law Factory versus Bet the Farm Firm – learning from business

At the 2010 International Legal Technology Conference session “A New View of the Automated Law Firm”, my co-panelists and I discussed how changing market dynamics and technology might force firms to become either a “Law Factory” or a “Bet the Farm”