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Legal Operations – What We Know Now

Legal business operations, especially in corporate law departments, is on the rise.  Lawyers in both law firms and law departments require an array of business and administrative support. That support makes a huge difference to legal cost, effectiveness, quality, and turnaround times.

How AdvanceLaw Improves the Corporate Legal Market

The legal market has much room for improvement – we likely all agree on that.  But we don’t all agree on exactly how the legal market should be improved. I have therefore long been intrigued by AdvanceLaw, a group of over 150 corporate general counsel with a common vision for how to i

Should Law Firms Fear Losing Clients? (Altman Weil 2016 CLO Survey)

Should law firms fear losing clients? Many do already but just how much should they worry? The 2016 Altman Weil CLO Survey provides insight. The report opens with worrying data: 53% of law departments say they shifted a portfolio of work worth $50,000 or more because of a client servi

Legal Tech Market: Sizing and Opportunities

After Legal Tech New York in early February, it is easy to forget that legal software includes more than eDiscovery. Today, enterprise legal management software provider Mitratech provides a good reminder. Mitratech’s  just-published “Catching the Wave” report sizes

Is Big Law Having Its Kodak Moment?

A recent report suggests Big Law is having its Kodak moment. Before the turn of the century, “Kodak moments” were good. That successful marketing slogan prompted many snapshots. Today, a Kodak moment more likely means a famous company with a fabulous brand and fantastic ma

How and Why Law Firms Can + Should Do Less Law (#DoLessLaw)

A just-released report finds that lawyers and law firms can and should do less law.  (For background on #DoLessLaw, see my prior post, written with Tim Corcoran, a Taxonomy of Do Less Law). The Legal Leadership Council of CEB published a post (8 Jan 2016), Corporate Law: How to Help Y

The Evolving Corporate Law Ecosystem

The corporate law ecosystem continues to evolve. Twenty years ago, it was just Big Law, a few boutiques, and law departments. Today, new players offer far more choice. I discuss here Crowd & Co, a recent Australian legal market entrant, as an illustration of the ecosystem evolutio

Is Software Eating Law Departments?

Is software eating law departments, a question inspired by Marc Andreessen famously noting that software is eating everything. Is this true for law departments? The lead article in Inside Counsel Magazine (Dec 2015) may answer the question. The IC10 2015 Award Winners The 2015 IC10: T

Law Department Trends + Contract Management Opportunities

Now is law department survey season. In my prior post, GCs Now Do Less Law, I reported on the Altman Weil survey of Chief Legal Officers. Here, I report highlights of two other recent surveys: The Annual Law Department Operations Survey by the Blickstein Group  surveys law department