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Practice Centric Document Management (#ndElevate Live)

How can document management support lawyers working in a practice centric manner? That is the question my business partner Joshua Fireman of Fireman & Company will answer. This is a live blog post from NetDocuments‘ ndElevate annual user conference. (As with all my live blog

What Will be Hot in 2017?

Legal IT Today asked several commentators, including me, to answer three questions about 2017. The questions and my answers appear below. You can download the entire PDF issue here. See the end of this post for list of other commentators who answer the questions. Q: In your field of e

ILTA Recap – Spot Video Interviews and Blog Posts

Last week I attended ILTACon, the 2016 conference of the International Legal Technology Association. Here is a recap of my activities for the week. The first section has links to the three sessions I attended and live blogged. The second has a pictorial summary of the session on the b

Blockchain – Will It Affect Your Practice or Firm?

Introduction to Blockchain Interview on Its impact on Practice and Firms Both the legal and mainstream media have written many articles about the Blockchain. So I thought readers will appreciate hearing from three lawyers whose practices focus on it.  I’ve asked them to explain what t

Data Visualization for Law Firms (Live from P3)

This is a live post from P3, the Practice Innovation Conference. This session is Data Visualization for Law Firms.  I have appended the session description and speaker bio at the end of this post.  [I post this as a session ends so please forgive any typos or of my misunderstandings o

Librarians as Market Analysts: The Intersection of Big Data and Competitive Intelligence (CI)

This is a live blog post from the Ark Best Practices & Management Strategies for Law Firm Library, Research & Information Services conference in NYC. The topic of this session is “Librarians as Market Analysts: The Intersection of Big Data and CI“.   The presenters

Data Analytics in Law Firms (Zev Eigen Presentation)

This is a live blog post from a private large law firm meeting. The presenter is Zev Eigen, Global Director of Data Analytics, at of Littler. Zev has practiced in law firms and a law department. He then studied for a Ph.D in data analytics. He joined Littler in 2015. [This is a live p

Automating Legal Advice: AI and Expert Systems

In 2015, we regularly read about automating legal advice with artificial intelligence (AI), especially with IBM Watson. In my view, the AI smoke – at least as described in many reports – exceeds the fire. In fact, I cannot name a single large law firm that has deployed a W

The Transformation of the Delivery of Law

This is a live blog post from HyperionGP Solution Accelerator Conference. This 2-day event brings “together Law Department operations managers with leading Industry Experts and [Enterprise Legal Management] ELM Solution Providers in a highly interactive forum focused on success

Filling the Gaps that Legal Complexity Causes – An Example

A big challenge in law is that rules vary significantly across jurisdictions. All practices – litigation, transactions, regulatory, and counselling – face this problem. That means even highly experienced lawyers often need help outside their home jurisdiction. If countries, states, pr