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A Day of Legal Innovation in London: Client Innovation Space + Flex Staffing

It may only be Tuesday, but is has already been an eventful week in innovation news from the London legal market. Two Magic Circle firms  and one Top 30 firm made noteworthy announcements today. Here is a quick recap, some additional insight from an email interview with Allen & Ov

What Will be Hot in 2017?

Legal IT Today asked several commentators, including me, to answer three questions about 2017. The questions and my answers appear below. You can download the entire PDF issue here. See the end of this post for list of other commentators who answer the questions. Q: In your field of e

How AdvanceLaw Improves the Corporate Legal Market

The legal market has much room for improvement – we likely all agree on that.  But we don’t all agree on exactly how the legal market should be improved. I have therefore long been intrigued by AdvanceLaw, a group of over 150 corporate general counsel with a common vision for how to i

Legal Market on the March

The legal market has been on the march in the last few days, despite the the long US Thanksgiving weekend. I highlight here, in two related groups, a few news items of note… Law Firm Business Services Staffing May Be Up For Grabs The Lawyer magazine has a long and interesting re

My Big Unanswered Legal Tech Question

Shortly after ILTACon (the International Legal Technology Association annual meeting, August 2016), the editors of Legal IT Today asked a deceptively simple question: “Going into ILTACON 2016, or while in an ILTACON session, or now that you’re starting to process everything comi

Delivering what clients want + getting paid for it (Live from #COLPM Futures)

This is a live blog post from the College of Law Practice Management 2016 Futures Conference (link to PDF of agenda). As a live post, please forgive any typos or misunderstandings of meaning. This session is How will we better deliver what clients want, and get paid for it? The sessio

ILTA Recap – Spot Video Interviews and Blog Posts

Last week I attended ILTACon, the 2016 conference of the International Legal Technology Association. Here is a recap of my activities for the week. The first section has links to the three sessions I attended and live blogged. The second has a pictorial summary of the session on the b

The Coming Changes in How Lawyers Practice

In this century we have seen dramatic changes in the legal market. From a period of plenty, we moved to one of seeming scarcity. Many commentators suggest that the legal market has been, is being, or will be disrupted. I have a different point of view: if the 2007-10 economic crisis d

What’s Easier to Learn? Law or Statistics?

“Much of the ‘knowledge’ of lawyers can be acquired and accessed by many other means. The only thing over which a law firm has an entrenched monopoly are those aspects of risk and ‘assurances’ to the client that there are disciplinary consequences for a f

What are the Managing Partner, Practice Group Leader and COO Thinking? (Live from P3)

This is a live post from P3, the Practice Innovation Conference. This session is What are the Managing Partner, Practice Group Leader and COO Thinking?.  I have appended the session description and speaker bio at the end of this post.  [I post this as a session ends so please forgive