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Is Your Law Practice Innovative?

The legal market is not known – yet – for embracing innovation. And the life of a law practice management innovator can be lonely. That can and will change…   The College of Law Practice Management (of which I am a trustee) sponsors the InnovAction Award, which

Learning about Innovation from the Legal Academy

You don’t often read about legal market innovation in Business Week.  Case Study: Access To Justice – Designing a better user experience of the legal system in the Inside Innovation supplement to Business Week (11/27/06) describes an innovative project at the Chicago-

IT: Innovation Driver or Barrier?

BigLaw has become more business-like but much still sets them apart from corporations. One differentiator is the role of information technology (IT) in innovation.  Innovation expert Eric Mankin‘s IT & Innovation: Out Of Sync? in Optimize magazine (Oct 2006) explains t

Incremental Innovation

Should innovation be sudden, abrupt, and revolutionary? Or should it be incremental?  Nicolas Carr, author of the Harvard Business Review article “IT Doesn’t Matter” that stirred much debate, now questions the shibboleth that “If innovation is a good that

Innovative Law Departments – 2006

InsideCounsel magazine (formerly Corporate Counsel) reports on 10 innovative law departments in what appears now to be an annual feature.  The 10 Most Innovative Legal Departments in Corporate America (Sept. 2006, PDF) focuses on new but simple solutions to common law department

Ditch Infrastructure to Focus on Profit-Making IT

I recently proposed a portfolio approach to evaluating law firm IT and KM projects, suggesting a focus on initiatives that increase profits. Two innovative actions by large UK law firm Eversheds help illustrate the idea.  Eversheds set to transfer 90 staff in IT outsourcing deal

Innovation Case Studies

I recently recommended the College of Law Practice Management’s InnovAction publication (PDF). In addition to several feature articles about innovation, there are several informative short case studies.  I contributed case studies of innovation at Bryan Cave and Morrison Fo

Honoring Innovation

There’s a great new publication out on innovation in the legal market.  The College of Law Practice Management (of which I’m a trustee) released today an “e-zine” about legal market innovation (PDF). I’ve not had time to read it yet but saw some arti

Who’s Failing – Clients or Law Firms?

Surveys and articles suggest that many general counsels are unhappy with outside counsel. Perhaps GCs need to hold up the mirror to find the answer to the problem.  In my recent post Looking for Law Firm Innovation, I reported on Eric Mankin’s research documenting the lack

"Looking for Law Firm Innovation"

CIOs often champion law firm innovation but frequently face a tough battle. Why?  I’ve advocated innovation as a large law firm manager, legal technology consultant, and software marketer. Getting buy-in is a challenge. Eric Mankin, an expert in business innovation and an o