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Cognitve Computing and IBM Watson – Marc Teerlink of IBM Presents

This is a live blog post from the 2014 ITA Collaborative Conference. Presenting is Marc Teerlink, Chief Business Strategist of IBM’s Watson Group. (Please excuse typos and typos.) Seven Principles: Disruption. It’s all about letting go. Why are we wed to all ways of work,

Meet Your New Lawyer, IBM Watson

Will IBM Watson be your new lawyer? Perhaps someday. For now, I tackle an easier question: what role can Watson play in Big Law? I speculate here so welcome comments and corrections. Last week at the International Legal Technology Association annual conference  an IBM Watson senior ma

Big Law Changing or Being Disrupted?

The legal market has seen a running debate since the economic crash: is Big Law being disrupted?  My short answer is no, it’s only changing. It’s not the three conferences in February alone on this question that prompt me to write today.  Rather, it’s the appearance

The Impact of IBM’s Watson on eDiscovery

Last week, the New York Times published a great article, IBM to Announce More Powerful Watson via the Internet (13 Nov 2013).  Will the availability of Watson in the Internet at an affordable price eventually have an impact on eDiscovery and document review? That question came to mind