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ILTA Recap – Spot Video Interviews and Blog Posts

Last week I attended ILTACon, the 2016 conference of the International Legal Technology Association. Here is a recap of my activities for the week. The first section has links to the three sessions I attended and live blogged. The second has a pictorial summary of the session on the b

Bots, Big Data, Blockchain, and AI – Disruption or Incremental Change?

The legal media has lately had a mania for tech headlines. Many commentators claim that tech, especially artificial intelligence (AI), will do something to Big Law. I disagree. Tech more likely will do something in it: incremental change. I start with the case against disruption, then

Machine Learning (AI) to Answer to Legal Questions: Blue J Legal

With artificial intelligence headlines appearing daily, making sense of it is hard. I doubt it will disrupt Big Law but believe it can create significant practice efficiencies. To get beyond the hype, it’s helpful to look at specific AI applications. So I was pleased to talk twi

Should We Settle for Incremental Change in Big Law?

Mainstream media regularly reports on big changes in many markets. Two juxtaposed articles on the front page (below) of the Business & Tech section of the Wall Street Journal (21 April 2016) got me thinking about change in Big Law.   The top-most article, “Market Shifts

Automating Legal Advice: AI and Expert Systems

In 2015, we regularly read about automating legal advice with artificial intelligence (AI), especially with IBM Watson. In my view, the AI smoke – at least as described in many reports – exceeds the fire. In fact, I cannot name a single large law firm that has deployed a W

Top Three Legal Tech Trends in 2015

Earlier this year, Aderant, via its Think Tank, asked several legal market experts “What are the top legal technology trends so far in 2015?”. Aderant published its synthesis of the answers here on 24 July 2015. The detailed answers of each expert about legal tech appear here (see end

IBM Watson for Contract Analytics at Legal OnRamp

In a prior post on IBM Watson, I noted that Legal OnRamp uses Watson “to process and understand high volumes of contracts.” I describe here more about this and provide context about Watson and contract analytics. Legal OnRamp Uses IBM Watson to Analyze Contracts OnRamp describes itsel

Legal IBM Watson: Business Model and Reasoning Modes

In my prior post, IBM Watson: The Legal Market at World of Watson Conference, I reported on my IBM’s World of Watson conference. Here, I offer thoughts about Watson and the business model to support it in the legal market. Legal Market Increasingly Receptive to IBM Watson and AI

IBM Watson: The Legal Market at World of Watson Conference

On May 5 and 6, I attended IBM’s World of Watson conference. I report here my reflections about the conference, IBM Watson, and Watson’s potential in the legal market. This is part I of a two-part post and focuses only on World of Watson. Part II will look at Legal Watson

Cognitive Computing in Perspective (Live from World of Watson)

This is a live post from the World of Watson conference, hosted by IBM Watson. [RF: This is live blog post. I strive accurately to report highlights of what I hear. Please forgive typos and anything I misunderstand. Comments in square brackets starting with RF are editorial comments a