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ILTA Scholarships Honoring Browning Marean (deadline June 5)

I write this post in memory of Browning Marean. A friend at ILTA provided the text… In the recent issue of ILTA News Briefs, Randi Mayes introduced scholarships we’ve created both to honor the memory of Browning Marean and to assist litigation/ediscovery professionals who

Legal Market Revival (?) and Trends – Live from the Legal Tech Blogger Breakfast

This is a live blog post from the Legal Tech NY 2015 bloggers breakfast. [Apologies for lack of links – I did not have names before the session. As with all live posts, please forgive typos and errors.] Molly Miller of ALM is the moderator and poses the questions in bold. Is the

Cybersecurity, Privacy and Data Protection Legal Challenges in the Digital Age – Live from Legal Tech NYC

This is a live blog post from Legal Tech NY 2015. The topic is “Cybersecurity, Privacy and Data Protection Legal Challenges in the Digital Age”. [Editorial note inserted toward end of session. This session offered a very interesting and timely discussion but I did not hear

Disruption is Dead but Change Lives – What Big Law Needs to Do to Succeed

I will start the new year with thoughts about the future. I see continued evolution of the Big Law market. That evolution is nicely captured in the  Citi Private Bank – Hildebrandt Consulting LLC 2015 Client Advisory (PDF), which I summarize and comment on here. I especially lik

ILTA 2014 Law Firm Tech Survey – Highlights

The ILTA 2014 Law Firm Tech Survey was just released. The International Legal Technology Association each year conducts a comprehensive survey of law firm technology. At 301 pages, the report is packed with information. I summarize here findings on practice support and the business of

Big Law – Still a Buyer’s Market

This week Altman Weil released its 2014 Chief Legal Officer Survey. It confirms the buying power of general counsels remains strong. The survey presents a range of interesting results. I call your attention to two findings that explain the price pressure that Big Law face. From 2002 t

Legal Market and Large Law Firm Trends from TRI COO – CFO Conference

This is a live blog post from the Law Firm COO & CFO Forum by Thomson Reuters. The opening session is The Market Setting – Trends Driving New Approaches to Legal Practice, which covers large law firm trends and the legal market.. The presenters are James Jones, Senior Fellow

What Clients Will Need from Future Legal Providers

What will clients of the future want from their lawyers? The College of Law Practice Management Futures Conference addresses this with three 8-minute TED-style talks. This is a live blog post (please forgive typos or errors).   Jeff Carr, former GC of FMC Technologies: NEXT LAW V

Does Citing Professionalism Protect Bad Lawyer Habits?

The legal press and blogs lit up this week when Dentons decided not to report profits per equity partner to the American Lawyer.  The PEP discussion I leave to others. I found more interesting a reason Dentons gives: “a focus on profit undermines the differences between the prac

Sizing the New, More Diverse Legal Market

Jordan Furlong’s recent blog post, An Incomplete Inventory of NewLaw, spurred an interesting dialog on Twitter among Liam Brown, George Beaton, Jordan, and me. We discussed the size of the NewLaw market. I reproduce, in chronological order, the relevant Tweets. Before any commen