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Early Observations from the GC Thought Leader Experiment (Live)

This is a live post of a webinar hosted by Advance Law. In July, An Open Letter From 25 General Counsel published in Corporate Counsel announced a ” real-time exercise to test industry assumptions and understand how to improve the legal market and relationships between law firms

Law Firm Ownership: An Evidence-Based Approach

Adam Smith, Esq. asks “Is the prohibition against non-lawyers having an ownership interest in a law firm still a good idea?” (See Question of the Month #4: Non-lawyer Ownership?, 1 Sep 2017). Readers can vote on a list of answers or comment. I defer my vote to reframe the

Quoth the RAVN: How iManage’s RAVN Acquisition Will Affect the Legal Market

[My business partner Joshua Fireman of Fireman & Company co-authored this blog post. It was first published by the International Association of Legal Technology (ILTA) at the ILTA KM blog and the ILTA corporate blog, both on 25 May 2017.] The document management, search and AI spa

The Future of Legal Services in the Global Age of More for Less (Live #Lexpo17)

This is a live blog post of The Future of Legal Services in the Global Age of More for Less. Professor David B. Wilkins (Harvard) is the presenter. I am posting live from Lexpo 2017, a legal innovation event in Amsterdam on May 8-9, 2017. I post as a session ends, so please forgive an

LXBN Interviews Me re Lexpo + Legal Tech: On Innovation, Passion, Challenges, and Accomplishments

I give a keynote talk next week in Amsterdam at the Lexpo Legal Innovation event in Amsterdam (agenda, speakers.). In connection with it, The LexBlog Network (LXNB) interviewed me: Fireman & Company Partner Ron Friedmann Talks Lexpo and Legal Tech. Mellina White-Cusack conducted t

Interview: Elevator Pitch, Blogging, and Legal Tech (#LegalTechLives)

I was recently interviewed about my elevator pitch, blogging, and the future of legal tech for the ROSS Intelligence blog by Kathleen Killin (#LegalTechLives with Ron Friedmann, Consultant at Fireman & Company + Principal of Prism Law).  I reproduce it here. #LegalTechLives with R

Best of my 2016 Posts Now in an eBook by Legal Business World

My friends at Legal Business World, a Dutch global publisher, offered to publish an eBook of the best of my 2016 blog posts. Working with them I have assembled about 20 blog posts in three categories: Changes in Law Firm Service Delivery and Who Does the Work Legal Technology Other Le

Corporate Security Practices: Can Verizon Handle Yahoo?

This post describes a specific situation I encountered with Verizon but has some general implications for how individuals should remember to protect their own personal digital security. And how companies should protect customer data. I start with what prompted me to think about securi

Should We Settle for Incremental Change in Big Law?

Mainstream media regularly reports on big changes in many markets. Two juxtaposed articles on the front page (below) of the Business & Tech section of the Wall Street Journal (21 April 2016) got me thinking about change in Big Law.   The top-most article, “Market Shifts

Top Three Legal Tech Trends in 2015

Earlier this year, Aderant, via its Think Tank, asked several legal market experts “What are the top legal technology trends so far in 2015?”. Aderant published its synthesis of the answers here on 24 July 2015. The detailed answers of each expert about legal tech appear here (see end