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Extranets Extolled and Explained

Two recent articles by legal technology leaders refresh our memory on the importance of Extranets in client service.  In Selling Your Law Firm’s Tech (Law Technology News, 6/4/07), Foley & Lardner CIO Douglas Caddell explains the value of technology in client service g

Making Extranets Work – One Winning Strategy

I have predicted that law departments will eventually control extranets to avoid dealing with multiple outside counsel systems. In the mean time, however, many law departments are not ready to do so and many law firms continue to find value in providing clients with customized extrane

UK Pilot to Standardize Extranets

I have long been a Marxist about legal market Extranets. If they succeed, they sow their own destruction because in-house counsel will not be willing to log-on to multiple extranets. Now, a group of law firms and investment banks in the UK are piloting a common extranet to share legal

Update on Standardizing Extranets

I recently posted about a new, single platform Extranet from Australia called nSynergy. Three reliable sources in Australia suggest this is probably not going to take the market by storm.  The reports from my sources: “Apparently, Telstra continues to use the predecessor sy

Standardizing Extranets?

I have previously written that if law firm extranets succeed, they will sow the seeds of their own destruction. Clients will not want to use multiple systems; instead, a single interface to multiple outside counsel will be required. Along these lines, Charles Christian, in Legal Techn

Two Law Firms Commercialize Extranets

Recently I have learned of not one, but two law firms that have commercialized extranets, creating separate entities to market products and services.   In my last posting on Extranets, I suggested that law firm Extranets are more touted than used. I do not have good data on actua

Some Extranets Do Matter

This week I had the opportunity to see a demonstration of an AmLaw 100 firm’s client-facing Extranet. Extranets have been much discussed but the evidence suggests little used. One reason I suspect usage has been low is that many Extranets don’t do that much. The one I saw

Deciding on an Extranet Strategy

Derek Smith and Peter J. Ozolin of Paul Hastings provide a good overview and analysis of law firm Extranets in Are Client Extranets Worth the Expense? published in the National Law Journal (December 1, 2003) and at They explain that Extranets are not necessarily a client rela

Extranets at Work at Shaw Pittman LLP

Many law firms offer their clients extranets. Anecdotal evidence among law firm knowledge managers and IT professionals is that clients do not use them very much. Perhaps that is because most extranets are focused on exchanging documents. For that, e-mail will do (or at least that is

Making Law Firm Extranets Work

Many law firms have established extranets designed to share documents and other information with clients. The anecdotal consensus among law firm technology managers is that neither clients nor firm lawyers have used these extranets as much as had been expected. The generally accepted