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Data Science + Law: An Interview with LexPredict

To understand more about the role of data science in law, I turned to LexPredict, a company specializing in legal data analytics. Three of its principals, Dan Katz, Mike Bommarito, and Andrew Baker collaborated to answer the questions I posed. One reason I wanted to conduct this inter

Gaining the Benefits of Legal AI for In-House Counsel

How can in-house counsel gain the benefits of legal artificial intelligence (AI)? That is the question I answered on April 12, 2017 in a webinar for the Buying Legal Council, the trade organization for legal procurement. The slides are below; I present here a brief synopsis of my talk

Knowledge Management Priorities in Large Law Firms – 2017 Survey

I report here on a recent, privately conducted knowledge management survey of large law firms. Mary Abraham, Oz Benamram and I conduct this survey in preparation for a meeting of KM professionals in February. Learning about current KM priorities and interests inform our agenda. We sha

Is 2017 the Year of Legal Data Analytics? Jackson Lewis’ New Team

In this post, I interview Jackson Lewis Principal Eric J. Felsberg about a team of statisticians and data scientists he leads. (See the firm’s 22 November 2016 press release for additional detail.) Introduction I think 2017 is more likely to be the year of legal data analytics and dat

Legal Market on the March

The legal market has been on the march in the last few days, despite the the long US Thanksgiving weekend. I highlight here, in two related groups, a few news items of note… Law Firm Business Services Staffing May Be Up For Grabs The Lawyer magazine has a long and interesting re

Bots, Big Data, Blockchain, and AI – Disruption or Incremental Change?

The legal media has lately had a mania for tech headlines. Many commentators claim that tech, especially artificial intelligence (AI), will do something to Big Law. I disagree. Tech more likely will do something in it: incremental change. I start with the case against disruption, then

Data Visualization for Law Firms (Live from P3)

This is a live post from P3, the Practice Innovation Conference. This session is Data Visualization for Law Firms.  I have appended the session description and speaker bio at the end of this post.  [I post this as a session ends so please forgive any typos or of my misunderstandings o