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Lines Between Legal Businesses Blur – Law Firm as LPO – Radiant Law

Radiant Law, a new model UK law firm founded in 2011, announced today that the firm is opening its own legal process outsourcing (LPO) center in South Africa. To be sure, many large firms have opened low cost service centers. Just this week, for example, Hogan Lovells announced a low-

Law Departments Have Growing Choices – Should Law Firms Worry (More on Axiom Law and Other Alternatives)

Recent commentary suggests that large law firms have 10 to 15% too much capacity. If so, we can expect to see further BigLaw shrinkage. In contrast, alternative legal providers continue to grow and offer innovative services. What can we learn from these alternatives? Last week, Lee Pa

ACC 2013 Value Champions Suggest Bright Future for Law Firm Alternatives

The ACC recently announced its Value Champions winners of its 2013 Value Challenge in its article More Corporate Law Departments Turn to Legal Support Services to Reduce Excessive Fees. Winners have several common elements: Move more work inhouse Reduce the number of outside law firms

Law Firm Alternates Grow Rapidly, Chip Away at BigLaw

Three news items caught my eye last week and help explain the challenges large law firms face. Citi Private Banking, which offers regular and reliable financial analysis of large law firms, reported on 2012 large law firm financial results in Citi: Firms Posted 4.3 Percent Rise in 201

The Rise of Axiom Law

Anyone interested in the evolution of the legal market should read The Disruptive Innovation at Axiom’s Legal Outsourcing Division in the July issue of the The American Lawyer. Highlights of Axiom from AmLaw Article. Key facts and quotes from the article: Axiom is a C-class corp

Law Firm Doubles as an Alternative Legal Services Provider – Interview with BLP Lawyers on Demand

General counsels face continued pressure to control legal spending. One increasingly popular way to save is to use an “alternative legal service provider”, a company that charges less than large law firms. A few forward-thinking law firms have developed their own alternati

Reconceiving Lawyer Software for the New Normal

Last month I wrote a two-part blog post about the new model law firm Clearspire. Subsequently, I had a chance to see Coral, the firm’s custom-developed law practice and business management technology platform. I was impressed. I have evaluated much software over the years. Coming from

A New Model Law Firm – A Closer Look at Clearspire (part 2 of 2)

In my prior post, I described the new-model law firm Clearspire, its inspiration, target market, and technology. The story continues here. To offer clients billing transparency and predictability at 50% of typical AmLaw 200 fees, Clearspire took several steps described below. I finish

A New Model Law Firm – A Closer Look at Clearspire (part 1 of 2)

Traditional mainstream media have shown much interest in the legal market this year with articles on legal outsourcing, law school issues, and contract lawyers. The legal press and blog had already mostly covered these developments in detail. One topic MSM covered, however, was news t