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Law Firm Doubles as an Alternative Legal Services Provider – Interview with BLP Lawyers on Demand

General counsels face continued pressure to control legal spending. One increasingly popular way to save is to use an “alternative legal service provider”, a company that charges less than large law firms. A few forward-thinking law firms have developed their own alternati

2012 ACC Value Champions

Last week the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) announced the 2012 ACC Value Champions, 12 winners of awards that recognizes “effectively driving value by cutting spending, improving predictability and achieving better legal outcomes.”  Amar Sarwal, VP and Chief

Do Partners or Firms Own Client Relationships?

In the last few months I have been writing about law firm service delivery: how firms can optimize the experience of their top clients to gain share of wallet and increase profits. This includes deploying tools such as legal project management, process improvement, technology for effi

The Current State and Future of Big Law Online Legal Services

I recently updated my list of online legal services. Since the prior update in 2006, there has been less online legal service activity than I expected. With clients using outside counsel less and pressing for better value, however, I believe law firms can gain new business by developi

The Future of Lawyer Productivity

Can lawyers match the productivity growth in the rest of the global economy?  I thought about this after reading a Wall Street Journal article last week, Robots Get a Makeover in Factories, which describe a new generation of robots that help assemble delicate devices, a big chang