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Twitter Roundup – Dec 2011

Since not everyone reads Twitter, I reproduce here a selection of my recent Tweets. I am now organizing Tweets by broad topics  Mainstream Media Reports on the Legal Market NYTimes: What They Don’t Teach Law Students: Lawyering || Is there any hope for

Open Letter to BigLaw Managing Partners: Four Imperatives for 2012 and Beyond

Dear BigLaw Managing Partner: You recognize that the Old Normal is gone. Inertia may carry you a bit but change looms. If you are not retiring soon or if you want to help your younger partners, you need to take four actions to thrive in the New Normal. They’re hard and will take

The New World of E-Discovery: Differentiation Based on Marketing, Positioning & Pricing

I have been doing e-discovery, nee litigation support, since 1989. In the last few years, I have seen the legal market diverge into two new worlds of electronic data and discovery (EDD). How does each look and what does it mean for its inhabitants?  [Note: This article was first

Tablets versus PCs

Evan Koblentz of Law Technology News asks today Will Tablets Replace Laptops? I think the answer is yes for some and false dichotomy for many.  I was a late tablet adopter, buying an iPad 2 in September of this year. A year earlier, at ILTA, I talked to a lot of my friends about

New Surveys Show Still More Talk than Action by Law Departments

Two recent general counsel surveys give us an indication of the current state of legal market. Do you want the good news or bad news first?  Below I highlight survey findings by Altman Weil and Corporate Counsel magazine. The italicized leaders are my words / interpretation of sp