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Recognition for Legal Innovation – InnovAction Award 2011

Done something innovative in the legal market? Then get recognition for it.  The College of Law Practice Management (I am a trustee) sponsors the InnovAction Award. InnovAction honors innovation in law practice management. Law firms, law departments, and other legal service provi

Do Law Firms Capitalize on their Collective Intelligence?

Two mainstream media articles last week illustrate the power of collective intelligence. Both make me wonder whether large law firms take full advantage of their scale.  Herds on the Street (Jonah Lehrer, Wall Street Journal, 19 March 2011) describes how traders at one hedge fund

"Bet the Farm" Versus "Law Factory": Which One Works?

Toby Brown of 3 Geeks and a Law Blog and I consider in this joint post the impact of “Law Factories” on the future of large law firms.  Introduction – by Toby Brown and Ron Friedmann Law firms face an uncertain future: competitive markets, intense price pressure

What's Hot in KM?

What’s hot in legal knowledge management? What would KM managers not do again? And what legal KM topics are of most interest now? KM professionals at about 50 large US, UK, and Canadian law firms answered these questions in a recent survey in advance of a private meeting. 

The KM Imperative – New Report on UK Legal Knowledge Management

A new report on knowledge management from the UK highlights KM best practices, barriers, and outcomes.  The February 2011 report, The Knowledge Imperative (14-page PDF), is by OMC Partners, a “a management consultancy that works with leading legal and professional services

Should Lawyers or Computers Have the Final Say in Doc Review?

Last month I suggested in Wall Street Traders Trust Computers, Why Don’t Lawyers? that the time has come to rely on automated document review in discovery. A comment by Keith H. Mullen of Winstead Attorneys raises a great question, which I address here.  [I drafted this pos

Defining Good Support for Lawyers

I frequently discuss with law firms and law departments how best to provide lawyer support, including outsourcing as an option. Inevitably, the conversation turns to support quality. I am surprised how few have defined what “good support” means.  Defining good lawyer