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The Sorry State of Law Department Legal Tech

ILTA released this month its 2008 Law Department Survey. I find the results shocking.  Click here fr the ILTA 2008 Law Department Survey. 45 law departments responded. More than 95% are companies with at least $1bil in annual revenue. ILTA law department members probably embrace

Why General Counsels are Like People on a Diet

Another publication, another article about law departments getting tough on costs. It sure seems that general counsels are like people on a diet.  From personal observation and articles about dieting, here’s what I conclude: People talk much more about dieting than actually

A New Legal Tech Magazine

I recently received a new legal technology magazine in the mail. I was surprised because I had no prior notice of it. And I was disappointed.   I was going to remain silent about my reaction to NextGen_Law, published by the Daily Journal Corporation because I think the market has

What's a JD Worth?

Last November I wrote JD as Job Credential for non-Law Jobs: Mistaking Cause and Effect?. That post led to an interesting e-mail exchange with Doug Cornelius, a lawyer and blogger (KMSpace and, as of 2009, at Compliance Building).  With Doug’s permission, I posted our excha

Law Firm Lay Offs – Are E-Discovery Specialists Being Hit?

Law firm lay offs have cut wide and deep. At a legal knowledge management lunch today, we were wondering how law firm EDD staff have fared. Hours later, I had an answer – and it surprised me.  I’ve gotten to know David Cowen of the Cowen Group and the blogger at Oppor

Law Firm Competition in a Cost Conscious Era

The legal press loves to pit US and UK firms against one another. This week, evidence of another dimension in that competition. Large UK law firms have embraced low cost, offshore operations more enthusiastically than US firms. View from the Top – David Childs, global managing p

Toward More Rational Law Firm Lay-offs

It’s hardly news that a US or UK law firm lays off lawyers and staff. Hogan & Hartson’s buyout of selected staff my eye. Hogan & Hartson offers buyouts to 240 staffers (National Law Journal, 10 Feb 2009) reports that the firm is offering buyouts to 240 legal secret

Measuring the Consistency of Legal Documents

Transactional lawyers spend huge amounts of time drafting and negotiating documents. Yet few have the tools to assess how their documents compare to similar ones drafted by other lawyers. That is changing.  My former consulting client, Practice Technologies‘s RealDealDocs m

Admin Support for Legal KM

Is There a KM Role for Administrative Staff? That was the topic of a session I moderated today at a meeting of large law firm KM professionals.  Staff roles in KM vary widely. At one firm, secretaries reguarly contribute to KM in both litigation and corporate practices. This R

Legal Tech New York 2009: Is EDD the New DOS?

I’ve attended Legal Tech since 1990. Legal Tech 2009 reminds me of Legal Tech 1990.  Back then, vendors had a plethora of new software versions, almost all based on DOS (the PC operating system). The forwarding thinkers understood that Windows loomed and would likely take o