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Central Back Offices and Outsourcing

You may recall Orrick’s decision to re-locate information technology, HR, and other functions to a central location in Wheeling, WV. See Almost Heaven: Orrick Relocates Tech Operations to West Virginia (, October 2002). Yesterday I was reminded of this when I read Center

Digital Signature Update

The June 2, 2003 issue of Business Week, in the Technology & You column titled Just Click on the Dotted Line by Stephen H. Wildstrom, reports on the current state of digital signatures. The column points out that in the dot-com boom, the focus was on using the Public Key Infrastr

Law Departments Reluctant to Invest in KM

The June 2003 issue of Corporate Legal Times, in an article titled Legal Departments Struggle to Harvest Internal Knowledge (p. 12), reports on a knowledge management study conducted by the Legal Technology Institute at the University of Florida School of Law. Only 48% of 130 law depa


I’ve now read enough about Blogs that I decided I would try my hand at one. For now, I’m using a free product, just to get a feel for how posting works and how I feel about Blogs. If I like the medium, I’ll upgrade to the paid product, which will give me more flexibi